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Our programs can help improve any player’s dribbling and finishing skills. Additionally, we offer Rezzil, the world’s leading virtual reality soccer training system, which is used to improve and analyze the cognitive development of the player’s soccer mind. We are entirely dedicated to the growth of the individual player and so we have removed all the pressures of being on a team.

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Our Program Advantages

The Soccer Box is a one-of-a-kind training facility in Connecticut. The unique training spaces and cutting-edge technology are combined with a program designed to help players develop as quickly as possible. Details of our program and facilities are highlighted below.

The Advantages of the Soccer Box Academies

Great Serial Rebounders

The Academy Program is the perfect way for individual players to improve their soccer skills. Players will work on both their dribbling and finishing every session. Different skills and techniques are taught each month and are improved on a weekly basis throughout the month. The small participant numbers allow for personalized coaching. The program is fun and competitive. The players will gain confidence and will see changes in their games.

The Advantages of Rezzil VR Training

Rezzil Index Report

The Rezzil Index is a unique contextual cognitive performance platform that measures player capabilities and helps develop the traits seen in the world’s best players. The Rezzil Index score is calculated using a series of drills that are designed to simulate extreme game pressure and elicit appropriate responses.

The Advantages of The Soccer Box

Finishing in a Soccer Box Court
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    Laser-like focused training on dribbling to beat an opponent and shooting techniques
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    Small, boarded spaces ensure the ball is never out of play, and thus, maximize touches on the ball (5000+ touches and 200+ shots per session)
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    …and more


Train With Us

Only a special environment can create special players and this environment is only found at The Soccer Box of Connecticut.