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November 17th, 2018

New Coginchaug Soccer GEAR!!

November 2nd, 2018

End of Season

The last day of the season is November 11th. Any game that needs to be played beyond this date will need approval from the Boys and Girls Commissioners. There must be a valid reason for this extension i.e. Cup Games,

Any Game not played by 11/11 or with an approved extension that do not show a score entered into the system will be subject to a $25.00 fine per game.

Please insure you are updating your schedules and your scores. There is absolutely no reason why at this point those games are blank. If you have questions, please reach out to your club rep for your website because that is where you need to update the information.

Thank you


Thank you


October 19th, 2018

2018 Fall SCD League Champions T-Shirts

2018 Fall SCD League Champions T-Shirts

Update 10/29/2018: Thank you to the 13 teams that have entered their team information. If you do not enter your Teams T-Shirt sizes then you do not get t-shirts

2018 Fall SCD League Champions T-Shirts - Team Coach/Manager ONLY - ACT NOW!

For all Club/Teams Participating in the South Central District League

Coach/Team Manager-

The Spring 2018 league championship shirts ordering form is open for your team (players only).

1) ONLY ONE ORDER PER TEAM - Coordinate with team management so only one order per team is entered. If more than one is entered SCD will select one of the orders.

2) All teams should complete this order form!

3) Only those players on your roster are eligible to get a t-shirt. We understand you may have other players that have participated with your team but we are limiting to players on your roster.

4) Adults on the roster will not get shirts - this is for the kids and not the coaches/managers. Do not order for the adults.

5) We will be checking your order to your roster.

6) The deadline is 11/25/2018

PLEASE NOTE - Only the division winners will get t-shirts. However, all teams must complete this form by the deadline. If your team wins the division and the coach does not fill out the form, the team will not get shirts. All other orders will be deleted. The reason for doing this is so we can get the orders in quickly to the vendor and the district can get the shirts to the league championship teams in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, contact your respective commissioner.

October 11th, 2018

no practice

No practice tonight
October 10th, 2018

Commitment to Culture

Commitment to Culture

Coginchaug Soccer Club Announces Pledge

To Build Unique, Positive Soccer Culture

Durham, CT-October 10, 2108: Coginchaug Soccer Club has announced its pledge to build a unique, positive soccer culture by adopting the United Soccer Coaches "Commitment to Culture."

"Coginchaug Soccer Club is committed to exemplifying and embracing the Commitment to Culture and its seven cornerstones in growing the culture of soccer," said Kevin Merrill, CSC President. "We will serve the game that we love so much by embracing these cornerstones and demonstrating them with our players, families, coaches, referees and fans."

All of Coginchaug Soccer Club coaches are signing the online pledge at Players, parents and all of our stakeholder are also encouraged to sign the pledge.

The United Soccer Coaches "Commitment to Culture" was developed by coaches of all levels to build a culture that celebrates what is best about soccer and helps it transcend from not only what happens on the field but also to what happens in the lives of players, coaches, administrators, referees, families and friends. As the unifying voice, advocate and partner for coaches at all levels, United Soccer Coaches launched this effort on October 10, 2018.

The Commitment to Culture adopted by Coginchaug Soccer Club reinforces the following beliefs about our game:

We Believe…

  1. Soccer unites us. We embrace and celebrate our differences because the game makes us one.
  2. Character first. We honor, teach and develop the core values of honesty, loyalty, responsibility, selflessness, compassion and discipline.
  3. The rule of fun. Fun is the lens that can make every soccer player a success. Fun takes many forms and always concludes with "I want to do it again.
  4. The game is the teacher. We are all responsible to ensure that soccer teaches the skills of a well-lived life. Teamwork, leadership, hard work, communication and creativity are just the beginning of its lessons.
  5. Well-being. A safe, healthy, welcoming experience in body, mind and spirit is the right of every soccer stakeholder.
  6. We are family strong. Family in all its forms - team, club, community, relatives - is the greatest asset that soccer has. Take time to connect and appreciate.
  7. Soccer is the player's game. Soccer is a personal journey for every player. It is for the player to see, decide, create and win or lose. It is their game.

October 9th, 2018

Memorial Parking

Now that the season is underway, we ask for your cooperation in abiding by the following parking restrictions:

1. The circle in front of the school IS A FIRE LANE!!!

2. The gate providing access to the field (access point for emergency services)

The State troopers will be observing the areas and ticketing as necessary.

September 27th, 2018

Show Your Badge at the Fair!!

At this years Durham Fair show your Badge and win some Coginchaug Soccer Swag. Take a pic at the fair and tag Coginchaug Soccer Club on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and get them liked. The best pics will be entered to win Coginchaug Soccer gear.

It is simple wear your current soccer gear with the badge or find a coach that is carrying temporary tattoos. Take a great pic. Post and tag the club.

Facebook Coginchaug Soccer Club

Instagram @CoginchaugSoccerclub

Twitter @CoginchaugSC

See you at the FAIR!!!

September 22nd, 2018

Jamboree Reminders!!!

Good Morning!!!

It's Jamboree Day!!!

Please remember that parking will be at a premium today. Overflow parking will be at St Coleman's Church. (Please Park in the spaces farthest from the church)

Plan to arrive earlier than normal to be ready for pictures and for soccer.

Thank you and have a great time today!!

September 21st, 2018

Jamboree Volunteers Needed

Good Morning Soccer Families,

We have our Jamboree tomorrow starting at 7:45 am

Planned events:


PreK- 2nd grade normal programs

U9/10 Tournament Boys and Girls

U11/12 Soccer Games


Torrison Soccer Village (including Human Foosball, Photobooth, Soccer Pong, Skills Challenge)

We do need Volunteers to help make it successful - If you can help at all please follow this link

Thank you so much and lets have some fun tomorrow

September 20th, 2018

Gray Out Friday

This Friday all Coginchaug Soccer Players are asked to wear their Gray Jerseys. With the Jamboree this Saturday it will be a great way to promote team building within the club between all the teams.

September 18th, 2018

Preorder Picture Packages

Preorder Picture Packages

Use this link to be able to preorder your soccer pictures to save time this Saturday

September 17th, 2018


7:45 U9/10 GIRLS (8:30 GAME)


8:30 U9/10 GIRLS (9:15 GAME)



9:15 U11/12 GIRLS

9:30 U15 GIRLS




10:30 U9 BOYS

10:45 U10 BOYS

11:00 PRE-K 11:30 SESSION

11:15 U11/12 BOYS

11:30 U14 BOYS

12:00 PRE-K 12:15 SESSION

September 16th, 2018


7:45 U9/10 GIRLS (8:30 GAME)


8:30 U9/10 GIRLS (9:15 GAME)



9:15 U11/12 GIRLS

9:30 U15 GIRLS




10:30 U9 BOYS

10:45 U10 BOYS

11:00 PRE-K 11:30 SESSION

11:15 U11/12 BOYS

11:30 U14 BOYS

12:00 PRE-K 12:15 SESSION

September 16th, 2018

Uniform Online Store Data Breach

Good evening Coginchaug Soccer family,

If anyone has recently ordered uniforms from challenger and received the email that their data was possibly breached PLEASE TAKE THE EMAIL SERIOUSLY. Their accounts were breached! Multiple families have reported their identities stolen and fraudulent charges made to their accounts. Please check your accounts for suspicious activity and contact you credit card company or bank and the police if any were made.

Thank you

Coginchaug Soccer Club

Soccer Board and Coaching Staff

September 16th, 2018

Picture Day 2018

Picture Day will be 9/22/2018. Schedules will be posted later today.

September 11th, 2018

After School Player Development Program

Starting Thursday 9/13 Coginchaug Soccer is offering an Afterschool Player Development Program at Memorial Middleschool. It will be a small afterschool group with Coach Olly, focused on improving individual soccer skills.

Registration is open at

September 11th, 2018


September 7th, 2018

Parking Restrictions at Memorial

Now that the season is underway, we ask for your cooperation in abiding by the following parking restrictions:

1. The circle in front of the school (fire line)

2. The gate providing access to the field (access point for emergency services)

August 30th, 2018

HS volunteers needed

HS volunteers needed

The Coginchaug Soccer Inhouse program is looking for HS volunteers to help work with our inhouse teams. It is a great opportunity to give back to the community and get some volunteer hours.

The inhouse program start 9/1

For more information contact

or follow this link

August 30th, 2018

Travel Schedules

Coginchaug Travel Schedules have been added to the Team Connect Sites and the Website.

Thank you for your patience.

August 30th, 2018

Saturday Soccer Start 9/1

Saturday 9/1 will be the start of the Fall 2018 Soccer Season.

The Saturday Schedule will be:

1/2 Grade Girls 8:30

K Clinic 9:30

1/2 Boys 10:30

Pre K 1 11:30

Pre K 2 12:15

Jerseys will be handed out before the clinic session. Please arrive on time.

All kids will need Shin Guards, Size 3 Ball, Water Bottle. Wear the Color or oyuteam you were assigned to. Pre-K will be getting a Royal Blue jersey.

To ensure you continue to get emails from the league please follow these instructions:

How to make sure you are getting emails from the site

Thank you and this will be a great season.

August 25th, 2018

CRHS Soccer MUM SALE Fundraiser

CRHS Soccer MUM SALE Fundraiser

CRHS Soccer Mums Fundraiser F. O. C. U. S.

Please support the CRHS Soccer Teams by purchasing 8 inch mums for $7 each or 4 for $24. ALL orders must be in by Monday Sept. 10th.

Checks are preferred and can be made out to FOCUS
Delivery is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th from 4
7pm, at Allyn Brook Park Pavillion Player is required to pick up all mums on this order form

Order Online with link

August 23rd, 2018

SCD League Schedules

SCD Announcement for League Game Schdules

SCD League Game Schedules - League games are scheduled. They ARE NOT FINAL and should not be considered final until Sunday morning. Clubs were informed about this. To test the publications of the schedules in this new system we need to "Publish" the games today to test the functionality. This will be limited to only one or two Division/Pool. If you see games added or are notified of these games, please know they are not to be considered accurate until Sunday morning. If you see games added and deleted then added - I APOLOGIZE for all the notices but we need to test this. Please be patient.

Game Schedule Availability - Current game schedules are available in this way:1)SCD Commissioners have sent to clubs in PDF. 2)SCD site. Go to "Team > SCD Games " then filter/limit to any club/gender/age/team etc... 3)Schedules are available to all clubs in their admin systems by clicking the League tab. 4)We BELIEVE schedules will become available in Team Connect sites and are actively working on this now.

SCD League Game Scheduling and Schedules Changes - This weekend is the SCD League scheduling meeting. The schedules, as in the past, have to be changed to represent the results of the meeting. These changes are done by to assigned users(club admins, coaches, managers, etc…) given access to do this. This is in the League tab of the Club system.

I will try to create and post today a video of the above

August 23rd, 2018

SCD What Are These Announcements?

SCD What Are These Announcements?

Hello - I am hoping to clarify much confusion as to SCD Fall League, These announcements and other information.

Announcements - This message is what is called an Announcement. It is created in the South Central District (SCD) system. Announcements are always placed on the SCD website main page. Some announcements that are deemed needed to be pushed to SCD team coaching staff are set to also show on SCD teams Team Connect announcements. This is shown to all on Team Connect including parents and players. There is no setting for coaches only.

I will be sending some required Announcements today. Announcements are limited length so need to be as short as possible.

August 4th, 2018

20% Soccer Gear Coupon

20% Soccer Gear Coupon

20% Soccer Gear Coupon

August 4th, 2018

Referee Training Open

Happy Summer.

Registration for the Entry Level, or as US Soccer now refers to it, Grassroots, Referee Program is open through the end of August. To register the candidate must turn 13 by 12/31/18. Once the online and in person session, which run through September 9th, are completed the referee can start officiating immediately and will be certified through 12/31/19. Please have the candidates follow the detailed instructions at It is easiest to have the instructions open on one device and complete the registration on another device.

Hopefully 2019 recertification will open in the next few weeks.

The in person session of the assignor clinic is scheduled for August 18. If you know anyone wishing to get certified as an assignor please have them contact me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Judy Whelan

Executive Director

Connecticut State Referee Program

705 North Mountain Road

Mailbox C-6

Newington, CT 06111


August 1st, 2018

Stack Sports Photo and Birth Record Sizes

Advisory: Player/Coach Photos & Birth Records

Player and Coach Photo Uploads: The recommended file size is 150px by 200 px. The recommended file type is png, jpg or jpeg.

Birth Record Uploads: The recommended file type is PDF(but other formats may work).

July 30th, 2018

Become a Referee

The club pays $20 - $50 per game and it's a great way to be involved and learn more about the game.

To enroll in this training you must be 13 years old by December 31, 2017. Parents and any adult are also encouraged to certify! if you become a ref this spring, your liscence will be good until the end of 2018

The club will provide a bonus to any new ref from Durham or Middlefield who refs 8 games in 2018 (any level of games) equal to the tuition of the referee class

Training is done via online self taught sessions followed by an online open book test. Once the online session is completed, you will need to register for 2 sessions. The first session is a classroom session, the second a field session, both are taught by CJSA instructors. Each session is 3 hours, most sessions are held on the same day back to back. See the website for full instructions

IF you become a Referee:

The club will work around your schedule: you will not be forced to choose between playing and referee'ing. You will work only when you are available

If you think you could be an AR but not sure about becoming a center, that is fine, every game needs 2 AR's and 1 center, some ref's specialize in being AR's and rarely center a game. You will not be given a center until you feel you are ready

You can only be a center for age groups 2 yrs younger than you, so if you are 14 yrs old, you can only center u12 and under games

You can only be AR games for age groups 1 yr younger than your age

For more information on the program, visit

For specific questions, please contact CSC Referee assignor John Bugai at

July 30th, 2018

Let's Play

Announcing the beginning of "Let's Play Wednesday!" for Coginchaug Soccer Club members.

Click Here To Register For Let's Play Wednesday.

What is it? - CSC has reserved Fields at CRHS and Peckham for free play (pick-up games) for any CSC members. Any age, any gender.

Who can play? - Any CSC member. Any age. Ask Mom and Dad to give you a ride, call your friends and arrange to meet and get a game going. (Mom and Dad can play too!)

Where is it? -

-July at CRHS (If being used down on the grass at Allyn Brook)

-August Peckham Park

When? - 6:00 to 7:00 pm, every Wednesday through July and August, beginning July 11th, 2018

Why? - U.S. Soccer and other soccer governing bodies from around the world encourage "free play" or "pick-up" games with little to no guidance and interference from adult coaches as one of the best ways to encourage player development and continued athletic participation, especially in younger players.

How? - Remember back in the "good ol' days" when children used to arrange their own neighborhood "pick-up" games on their own? Let us teach them how.

How much does it cost? - Free to CSC members! Please register on the site even if you think you might show up even once.

Coaches? - Only if they are there to play too or have fun. There will be at least one CSC adult monitor present during the session for parental guidance.

Parents? - Please volunteer to be a monitor if you have completed the volunteer and background checks as outlined by the Club.

Equipment? - Please bring soccer cleats, shinguards, and a water bottle ...........don't forget your ball! Pinnies will be available from the CSC shed.

Volunteer monitors: Please contact David Booth if you think you can volunteer to be a monitor for a session or two. You would provide access to pinnies from the shed and serve as the CSC representative.

Click Here To Register For Let's Play Wednesday

Contact for questions:

David Booth

July 30th, 2018






July 30th, 2018

2018 Fall - League Team Registration

2018 Fall SCD League Registration is now open. Please have one person in your club register all teams in the SCD League as soon as possible. Clubs will enter teams into the SCD League from club admin systems and not the SCD website. A video showing the steps has been posted to the SCD website here: . From your club admin systeem click on your team, click "Request Team Activation" and then once the team is activated click "Register for a League or Tournament" you will be able to enter "SCD 2018 Fall League". As in the past, please have one responsible party in your club enter the teams and fill out the form. Registration will close at midnight the evening of August 18th. Any questions about the League please contact Bill Cadwell Boys Commissioner or Vicki Thomas Girls Commissioner. Any issues with the process please contact Joe Guerra Web Tech.

July 26th, 2018

2018 Fall - SCD Season Details

SCD League Important Dates
1) Scheduling meeting: August 26th at the North Haven Best Western.
2) Season Starts September 7th
3) Season Ends November 11th
July 9th, 2018

Shop and Help CSC

This year I want to make our fundraising efforts for Coginchaug Soccer Club a lot easier by using a service called FlipGive. We just shop online with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour or buy eGift cards to restaurants and our team will earn cash back!

To get started all you have to do is join the team and shop. We even earn an extra $5 when you make your first purchase.

Remember to visit our team store before you shop online, eat out, or travel so that our team will earn cash back. This is the easiest way to raise money, and we can actually buy the things we want with no extra fees!

Join the team now: Join the CSC Flip Give team

Or if you're not ready to join yet here's a list of the brands and restaurants you can shop:

June 7th, 2018

Summer Camps

Summer Camps
$10 Late Fee Deadline coming THIS FRIDAY for the final week of Coginchaug Soccer Club Camp!!
July 16th - 20th & August 13th - 17th we will host Challenger Sports, for both a British Soccer and a Tetra Brazil soccer camp program.
Each week includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily World Cup tournament.
Register by midnight THIS FRIDAY in order for your child to receive their soccer ball and t-shirt on the first day and also to avoid the $10 late fee for the 2nd soccer camp!


GAME ID #5387182
Sat Sep 8 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls 2 U12 Games Middlefield,CT
Hamden 0
Sun Sep 9 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Middlefield Memorial Middle School Middlefield,CT
Sun Sep 9 4:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Nike Field Complex Shelton,CT
Sat Sep 15 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Middlefield Memorial Middle School Middlefield,CT
East Hampton
Sun Sep 16 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Middlefield Memorial Middle School Middlefield,CT
GAME ID #5387183
Sun Sep 16 4:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls U12 Games Middlefield,CT
North Haven
GAME ID #5387267
Sat Sep 22 9:15AM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Inhouse 1 Middlefield,CT
Sat Sep 22 11:00AM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Middlefield Memorial Middle School Middlefield,CT
GAME ID #5387231
Sat Sep 22 1:15PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls U12 Practice Middlefield,CT
GAME ID #5387185
Sun Sep 23 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls U12 Games Middlefield,CT
Sat Oct 6 12:00AM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls WHIT West haven
WHIT Tournament
GAME ID #5387265
Sat Oct 6 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Bailey Field West Haven,CT
West Haven
GAME ID #5387274
Sat Oct 6 4:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Bailey Field West Haven,CT
GAME ID #5387275
Sun Oct 7 1:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls 0 West Haven Veteran's Field West Haven,CT
Cheshire 0
GAME ID #5387263
Sun Oct 7 3:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls 1 West Haven Veteran's Field West Haven,CT
West Haven 0
Sat Oct 13 1:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Edgewood Park New Haven,CT
New Haven
Sun Oct 14 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Kronenberger Field meriden,CT
GAME ID #5820037
Sun Oct 14 4:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls 0 U12 Games Middlefield,CT
Shelton 1
Sat Oct 20 10:00AM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Hamden Middle School Hamden,CT
Sat Oct 20 3:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Hotchkiss Field Prospect,CT
Sun Oct 21 3:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Killingworth Rec Park Killingworth,CT
Sat Oct 27 10:30AM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Madison Madison,CT
Sat Oct 27 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Middlefield Memorial Middle School Middlefield,CT
Sun Oct 28 2:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Oxford Oxford,CT
Sun Oct 28 3:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls East Haven East Haven,CT
East Haven
Sun Nov 4 12:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Guilford->leete #4 Guilford,CT
Sun Nov 4 5:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Southington Recreational Park - 3A Southington,CT
GAME ID #5387238
Sun Nov 4 5:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls 3 1 Plantsville,CT
Southington 1
Sun Nov 11 12:00PM Coginchaug U11/12 Girls Guilford->leete #4 Guilford,CT

Coaches & Staff

David Booth Manager
Oliver Brown Trainer
Matthew Christopher Assistant Coach
Mike Finnerty Assistant Coach
Kevin Merrill Assistant Coach
James Hempel Head Coach
Amy Kestenbaum Head Coach
Tim Mack Head Coach