• SPRING 2020

    Posted March 16, 2020

    Coginchaug Soccer Family, 

    Us Youth Soccer and CJSA has instructed all Soccer Clubs to temporarily suspend all business activities until Mid- April.  All  leagues and events nationwide have been suspended until 4/15/2020.  They will be reviewing data biweekly to inform state agencies regarding reinstating Club activities.  

    At this point all registrations are frozen until more information is available and we are directed by State and National Governing Bodies.


    As more information is available we will be making further decisions on the upcoming season. 

    Please visit for updates.   

    Thank you and stay well, 

    Coginchaug Soccer Club

  • Become a Referee

    Posted January 1, 2020

    New Referee Online Education is OPEN until 3/31/2020

    Renewal is also OPEN!!!!

    The club pays $20 - $50 per game and it's a great way to be involved and learn more about the game.

    To enroll in this training you must be 13 years old by December 31, 2019. Parents and any adult are also encouraged to certify! if you become a ref this spring, your liscence will be good until the end of 2019

    The club will provide a bonus to any new ref from Durham or Middlefield who refs 8 games in 2019 (any level of games) equal to the tuition of the referee class

    Training is done via online self taught sessions followed by an online open book test. Once the online session is completed, you will need to register for 2 sessions. The first session is a classroom session, the second a field session, both are taught by CJSA instructors. Each session is 3 hours, most sessions are held on the same day back to back. See the website for full instructions

    IF you become a Referee:

    The club will work around your schedule: you will not be forced to choose between playing and referee'ing. You will work only when you are available

    If you think you could be an AR but not sure about becoming a center, that is fine, every game needs 2 AR's and 1 center, some ref's specialize in being AR's and rarely center a game. You will not be given a center until you feel you are ready

    You can only be a center for age groups 2 yrs younger than you, so if you are 14 yrs old, you can only center u12 and under games

    You can only be AR games for age groups 1 yr younger than your age

    For more information on the program, visit


    For specific questions, please contact CSC Referee assignor John Bugai at

  • Welcome to Coginchaug Soccer Club!!!

    Posted May 5, 2019


    Welcome To Coginchaug Soccer Club (CSC) Connecticut, USA

    Promoting the Love of Soccer for All Ages and All Levels!

    Please Join Us For The Monthly General Membership Meeting

    The Meeting is Open to ALL MEMBERS.

    Please Come, Listen and Share.

    The Meeting is typically the 1st Sunday of the Month at 7:00 PM !

The Parents Sideline Role

The Parents Sideline Role

Do you think your child is getting the most out of soccer? The sport provides a fun, athletic activity that also builds teamwork, character and leadership skills. As parents, we always want the best for our kids.  Have you ever thought about how you can help your young player get more out of soccer?

Why do kids want to play?

  • Competence, learning and improving
  • Affiliation - Being a part of a team, a club or with friends
  • Fitness, agility, balance, coordination, and physical health
  • Fun - This is the overwhelming reason why children play sports

Why do kids stop playing?

Studies have shown that it is mostly due to adult interference as a result from:

  • Lack of playing time opportunity
  • Over emphasis on winning and/or perfection
  • Lack of fun
  • Pressure coming from parents and coaches

What does this mean to you as a parent? Most parents on the sideline are very positive. We all want the best for our child. How do we help them get the most out of their experience?

First think of your own experiences. What if your boss stopped by several times a day to tell you how to do your job? Or worse, imagine giving a presentation to your peers and your boss consistently yells out what you should say or do, just before you do it. Would you enjoy being in that environment? Would you learn or improve? Most people answer no.To read more about how to help your child enjoy youth sports check out Vince Ganzberg’s article “Why They Stop” on the US Youth Soccer website;

Now put yourself into the cleats of your child, with parents yelling and “coaching” from the sidelines. Consider that we work hard to teach our kids to listen and respect what we have to say. Now they’re playing a game and we’re shouting commands and instructions. This is not the best way for kids to learn the game and grow. It is often stated, "There is no better teacher than the game itself." We want them to play sports so they learn to think for themselves and react in the moment to make good decisions.

What is the best way to prevent this from happening? Practice, just like the players, thinking about what you will say on the way to the game. Visualize yourself on the sidelines encouraging while not coaching. During the game stop every so often and reflect back on what you just said. Does it match with what you planned to do and say? Also, listen to what others are shouting. This alone can be very instructive.

Every child wants to be cheered during the game. Continue to celebrate the good plays and hard work that every play is contributing.

We encourage all the CSC coaches to have a “Parent Meeting” and discuss how parents can best support the team. Part of this meeting should also remind everyone that the goal for the team is fun and development, not winning for the team. The meeting should be at the start of the season. Remember our coaches are volunteers and do their best. Offer to help the coach set the meeting up or help coach yourself.

What to do on the ride home? Celebrate all the small victories achieved on the field. Don’t focus on the goals and the biggest kicks. Focus on the whether or not they learned anything and had fun. Most importantly ask your player what they thought of the game. At this point, the player needs a parent much more than another coach.

Remember the game is for the kids to play, and for us to enjoy watching. So, let the kids play!

To read more about how to help your child enjoy youth sports check out Vince Ganzberg’s article “Why They Stop” on the US Youth Soccer website;

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
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