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Welcome To Coginchaug Soccer Club (CSC) Connecticut, USA

Promoting the Love of Soccer for All Ages and All Levels!

Please Join Us For The Monthly General Membership Meeting

The Meeting is Open to ALL MEMBERS.

Please Come, Listen and Share.

The Meeting is typically the 1st Sunday of the Month at 7:00 PM !

The next meeting is APRIL 7th, 2018 at 7:00PM at the Middlefield Community Center

Hartford Athletic Tickets

Thank you to Ekblade Allstate for Sponsoring the U10 girls

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| Become a REF!!

2019 Dick's Sporting Goods CJSA Spring Soccer Appreciation

March 21-26th | Dick's Sporting Goods Site

  • Hartford Athletic Tickets

    Posted April 4, 2019

    Thank you to Durham First Select Woman Laura L. Francis for working with the Cogincahug Soccer Club and Hartford Athletic to recieve 100 free tickets to the HOME OPENER of the Hartford Athletic.  

    Hartford Athletic, Connecticut's new professional soccer team, will play its first ever home match at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field on Saturday, May 4th at 7:00pm. 

    Ticket Request INFO to FOLLOW 

  • Spring Programs

    Posted January 15, 2019

    Spring Programs

    Pre-K - Friday or Saturday Mornings offered

    K Clinic - Saturday Mornings

    1/2 Clinic Boys and Girls - 1 Midweek Clinic and Saturday Morning

    **Inhouse Programs will start 4/5 Weather Dependent**

    Travel Teams

    Season Starts 4/1


    3rd grade - High School Teams - 2 Midweek practices and 1-2 Games on Weekends

  • Commitment to Culture

    Posted January 14, 2019
    Commitment to Culture

    Coginchaug Soccer Club Announces Pledge

    To Build Unique, Positive Soccer Culture




    Durham, CT—January 15, 2019: Coginchaug Soccer Club has announced its pledge to build a unique, positive soccer culture by adopting the United Soccer Coaches “Commitment to Culture.”


    “Coginchaug Soccer Club is committed to exemplifying and embracing the Commitment to Culture and its seven cornerstones in growing the culture of soccer,” said Kevin Merrill. “We will serve the game that we love so much by embracing these cornerstones and demonstrating them with our players, families, coaches, referees and fans.”


    All of Coginchaug Soccer Club coaches are signing the online pledge at https://unitedsoccercoaches.org/culture. Players, parents and all of our stakeholder are also encouraged to sign the pledge.


    The United Soccer Coaches “Commitment to Culture” was developed by coaches of all levels to build a culture that celebrates what is best about soccer and helps it transcend from not only what happens on the field but also to what happens in the lives of players, coaches, administrators, referees, families and friends. As the unifying voice, advocate and partner for coaches at all levels, United Soccer Coaches launched this effort on October 10, 2018.

    The Commitment to Culture adopted by Coginchaug Soccer Club reinforces the following beliefs about our game:


    We Believe…


    1.      Soccer unites us. We embrace and celebrate our differences because the game makes us one.

    2.      Character first. We honor, teach and develop the core values of honesty, loyalty, responsibility, selflessness, compassion and discipline.

    3.      The rule of fun. Fun is the lens that can make every soccer player a success. Fun takes many forms and always concludes with “I want to do it again.

    4.      The game is the teacher. We are all responsible to ensure that soccer teaches the skills of a well-lived life. Teamwork, leadership, hard work, communication and creativity are just the beginning of its lessons.

    5.      Well-being. A safe, healthy, welcoming experience in body, mind and spirit is the right of every soccer stakeholder.

    6.      We are family strong. Family in all its forms – team, club, community, relatives – is the greatest asset that soccer has. Take time to connect and appreciate.

    7.      Soccer is the player’s game. Soccer is a personal journey for every player. It is for the player to see, decide, create and win or lose. It is their game.


    By demonstrating these cornerstones in all facets of the game, Coginchaug Soccer Club will be a change agent in strengthening the culture of soccer in the United States.






    About United Soccer Coaches
    Founded in 1941, and headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., United Soccer Coaches is the trusted and unifying voice, advocate and partner for coaches at all levels of the game. The largest community for soccer coaches in the world, we unite coaches of all levels around the love of the game and we elevate the game through advocacy, education and service. To learn more, visit UnitedSoccerCoaches.org.


  • Become a Referee

    Posted July 9, 2018

    The club pays $20 - $50 per game and it's a great way to be involved and learn more about the game.

    To enroll in this training you must be 13 years old by December 31, 2017. Parents and any adult are also encouraged to certify! if you become a ref this spring, your liscence will be good until the end of 2018

    The club will provide a bonus to any new ref from Durham or Middlefield who refs 8 games in 2018 (any level of games) equal to the tuition of the referee class

    Training is done via online self taught sessions followed by an online open book test. Once the online session is completed, you will need to register for 2 sessions. The first session is a classroom session, the second a field session, both are taught by CJSA instructors. Each session is 3 hours, most sessions are held on the same day back to back. See the www.ctreferee.net website for full instructions

    IF you become a Referee:

    The club will work around your schedule: you will not be forced to choose between playing and referee'ing. You will work only when you are available

    If you think you could be an AR but not sure about becoming a center, that is fine, every game needs 2 AR's and 1 center, some ref's specialize in being AR's and rarely center a game. You will not be given a center until you feel you are ready

    You can only be a center for age groups 2 yrs younger than you, so if you are 14 yrs old, you can only center u12 and under games

    You can only be AR games for age groups 1 yr younger than your age

    For more information on the program, visit www.ctreferee.net.


    For specific questions, please contact CSC Referee assignor John Bugai at jbugaisoccer@gmail.com

  • Shop and Help CSC

    Posted July 9, 2018

    This year I want to make our fundraising efforts for Coginchaug Soccer Club a lot easier by using a service called FlipGive. We just shop online with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour or buy eGift cards to restaurants and our team will earn cash back!

    To get started all you have to do is join the team and shop. We even earn an extra $5 when you make your first purchase.

    Remember to visit our team store before you shop online, eat out, or travel so that our team will earn cash back. This is the easiest way to raise money, and we can actually buy the things we want with no extra fees!

    Join the team now: Join the CSC Flip Give team

    Or if you're not ready to join yet here's a list of the brands and restaurants you can shop: https://jbmthinks.flipgive.com/teams/102205-coginchaug-soccer-club

Thank YOU Sponsors!!!!
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Spring Programs

Pre-K - Friday or Saturday Mornings offered

K Clinic - Saturday Mornings

1/2 Clinic Boys and Girls - 1 Midweek Clinic and Saturday Morning

**Inhouse Programs will start 4/5 Weather Dependent**

Travel Teams

Season Starts 4/1

3rd grade - High School Teams - 2 Midweek practices and 1-2 Games on Weekends

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.